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• PTFE : Reinforced PTFE /PEEK/MoS2/Bronze, Brass, Glass filled PTFE sleeves surrounded and complete inside body and outer plug area 360° and top to bottom, to ensure sealing. • Sleeved plug valves sealing area will 10 to 12 time higher than equal size of ball valves. • In drawing, No: (11)-shows Thrust compressor bolt , Thrust collar-(08), (04& 05)-Diaphragm and Wedge ring thrust given by Thrust collar-(08) to safeguard.(06)- Metal Diaphragm the Thrust collar(08) will give uniform tightness. • Due to Taper (self-sealing) provision the valve plug is easily adjustable. The design permits any body and plug material combination. Example: Body/Plug LCB/ Monel WCB/SS316 CF8M/CF8M Cd4mcu/Cd4mcu CF8M/CF8M
  • 2018-08-02T06:44:54

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