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Rasaii Flow Lines Private Limited is a key player in Valve Industries for more than 35 years.We have 450 + Domestic customers & 44+ International Customers. We have our representatives all over the world like Provaltec in Chile, Enerfest Inc in Canada, Dar Al-Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, NCDIT in Jordan, Valuline traders in Bahrain, Chemvalve in USA, Delta2 in Italy, Arabian International Trading in UAE and P.T. Dayaesa in Indonesia. We are maintaining stocks in Dar Al-Riyadh representative office to meet the immediate needs of Customers in Middle East. Also we have a global Ware house & Customer Support office in United States of America. Other than this we are regularly supplying to Even Joint in Taiwan, Europe, Africa, South America, Middle Asia and Australia.
  • 2015-05-12T04:16:09

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